1. Start Here

To begin the Onboarding process you will first need to watch the video below.

After you watch the video you will need to complete the next steps shown on the page.

2. Communication

We will need to communicate throughout this process, for this, we can either use WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Choose what option you prefer (and likely be more active on) then message us about the choice you made and then give us the Phone Numbers/Facebook Accounts you want to include in this group.

3. Basic Information

Complete the form linked below

4. Services

Complete the form linked below

5. Monitoring

We will start work only after the “Basic Information” form is submitted.

We will keep you updated on the state of the project with a custom-made page. We will give you the link to the page on the communication choice you made (Whatsapp/Messenger)

6. Finishing

After the website is done and all invoices are paid, we will transfer the website from our servers to yours.